Movies made by students

Hey there...
Here are some great examples of how your video presentation should look.

M.1/15 (2014)
presenting Layer cocktail (density of liquids)
M.2/14 students (2010)
(Phet, Zung, Jan)
presenting Electrolysis Applications
M.3/15 students (2010)
(Jam, Cartoon, Nam, Mun, Pey)
Conserving Energy at Home

Presentation made by Chel (M.3/15)
about Resistors (August 2012)

Presentation made by Om and Krit (M.3/15)
about Newton's Third Law of motion (November 2013)

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Presentation made by Mon and God (M.3/14)
about Friction Force (December 2013)
Presentation made by A-leave and June (M.3/14)
about Buoyancy Force (November 2013)

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