Cartoon Assignment Instructions

cartoonCartoon Animation Assignment

In this assignment, please create a video file and share the link to your video.

Assignment Requirements

  • Create a 3 - 5 minutes video about the given topic.
  • Record yourself (audio) - YES, we want to hear you!!!
    Use your own voice
  • Be creative !!!
  • Don't be lazy !!!
  • Pay attention to details and create High Quality clip.
  • Submit your video clip.

Recommended Animation Creators


See examples of cartoons done by others...

Grading Criteria
Overall the evaluation of the assignment is based on the following criteria:

20% - Speak English!
30% - Relevant to the topic (informative)
10% - Length between 3 to 5 minutes
30% - Creativity
10% - Submit on time


Surly you will have some problems when using new tools.
It is your responsibility to deal with these problems and submit the assignment on time!!!



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