Reading assignment - Horrible Science books series

Reading assignment

Horrible S
cience books series

Horrible Science Horrible Science
Choose one book from the list "Horrible Science" books series.
You must read it and submit a report by answering the following questions:

1) Write all the names of the scientists/ explorers/ inventors that are in the book.

Name Life Page Invention / Discovery
William crooks 1832 ? 1914 31 Proved that electricity is made of atoms
Joseph Thomson 1856 - 1940 34 Electric force
Chester Carlson 1900 - 1968 46 Invented copy machine

2) Write what the book is about, a summery of the whole book after you finish reading it
(not from the back cover!).

3) Write about at least 3 most important discoveries / inventions that you read in the book and explain why you think they are the most important.

4) Which experiment did you like the most and why?

5) Which character did you like the most and why?

6) Write about at least 3 things that you read in the book and didn't know before.

7) What do you think about this book?
(What did you like/ didn't like about it etc...)

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No Chrome

Horrible Science

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Horrible Science